Top retirement and 401k plans in New York.  Using the DOL ERISA database and the robust search features of A36 Analytics, you can identify the top retirement benefit plans in each state, city, and zip code.  Using our retirement search tools, we have listed here the top 100 plans in the state of New York by asset size. These plans represent compelling 401k lead opportunities for retirement advisors focused on servicing employee benefit plans in New York.

Total Assets EOY
Asset Growth (%)
Average Balance ($)
With Balance
Retiree %
Participation rate (%)
Plan Features
Plan Type
Plan Features
Fidelity bond ($)
Fidelity bond (%)
Employer ($)
Employer Avg ($)
Participant Total ($)
Participant Avg ($)
Any provider
Admin expenses ($)
Admin expenses (%)
Hot Prospects
Rollover Potential
Investments and Fees
Plan Administration
Admin Errors
Column Display
Select Display Columns
Clear Search

A36 Analytics provides 401k lead data and custom retirement plan analytics for the retirement and employee benefit industries.  You can perform customer searches of our 1M+ plan database by registering for our free trial.  Plan listings include contact information, assets size, hot prospect indicators and a host of other benchmarks and information geared toward helping retirement advisors build more business.

For those interested in the raw data, you can download Excel or CSV retirement plan databases in our state by state retirement data downloads.  These downloads are free for members.  On our data download pages, you can download the entire ERISA 5500 retirement plan database for the state of New York.

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